Exploring sounds with the best musical toys

Exploring sounds with the best musical toys

Music is so much a part of children’s lives – from singing nursery rhymes to clapping and moving to music – exposure to sounds and musical experiences help nurture the cognitive and social development of our kids, whatever their age.

Every child has a natural sense of rhythm and appreciation of music. The best musical toys engage their innate interest for sounds, facilitate self-expression and are durable, attractive and educational. 

Xyloba ticks all the boxes for a musical toy that provides hours of amusement, creativity and musical challenges. Suitable for 5 years and older, it harnesses the popularity of a marble run that younger kids are familiar with, but with a musical twist.


                                                                                                                           Bella Bimba


Developed by professional musician Samuel Langmeier, Xyloba comes complete with instructions on how to build 12 famous folksongs, with the popular Complete Package for all Melodies kit offering all the components needed. Of course, children will be keen to compose their own tunes, even as they focus on constructing the best marble run they can imagine. With smaller kits to get them started, add-ons and accessories to support their creativity, the Xyloba system grows with your child as they mature to constructing more intricate music, even a Bach tune.

For children below 5 years, percussion instruments make the ideal first instrument for developing large motor skills, teaching rhythm and discovering pitch and sounds. The Haba percussion set offers a variety of suitable instruments they can use to accompany their favourite songs.


                                                                                                                         Haba percussion set


When children are ready to explore playing tunes, encourage copying and self-expression with the Hape Rainbow Xylophone or Djeco Animambo Ukulele.



    Hape Rainbow Xylophone       
                                                                                                                       Djeco Animambo Ukulele


As parents, we know instinctively the benefits of music to our children’s overall development, the importance of which are confirmed by studies revealing that childhood musical experiences improve academic learning, literacy and strengthen memory skills.

So, give your child the best start in life. Give them the gift of a Musical Instrument.



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