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Free Delivery 

Free Singapore delivery for orders over SGD 50. Turnaround is within 5 working days Monday to Saturday.  These orders will require a signature and a tracking number will be provided.


 Standard Delivery

Standard Singapore delivery cost is SGD 3.95 for an order less than SGD 50.

 Turnaround is within 5 working days Monday to Saturday.



NINJA Point cost SGD 3.95 per delivery.

 You'll need one of the following forms of identification to pick up your package at a NINJA Point location.

Option 1: Present a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, foreign national or military ID. The full name on the ID must match that of the package's Ship to label.

Option 2: Present any other photo ID containing your full name, along with one of the following documents also containing your full name: utility/phone bill, council tax bill, wage slip, or bank statement. 

Option 3: Present a government-issued photo ID along with a shipper-provided package release code (if required).*

If you need someone else to collect your package on your behalf, they'll need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID or another valid photo ID containing the full name along with a utility bill, tax bill, or bank statement with full name and proof of connection to the address on the NINJA label or to the named person (named person's valid ID or photocopy). Also accepted as proof of connection is an official notification (from the shipper or NINJA Van) that provides the shipment/order details for the parcel (recipient name, shipper name, NINJA Point location address and tracking number). Notifications can be printed out or provided on a smart phone.  

If your shipper provides a package release code for your delivery, your friend or family member can present their photo ID and the code to pick up your package.*

*Note: While we'll notify you on your shipment notifications or tracking status updates if you need a code to pick up your package, your shipper will provide the code directly to you.

You may find your local NINJA Point at https://www.ninjavan.co/en-sg/ninja-points#find-a-ninja-point

This service only available in Singapore.


  Asia, Australia and New Zealand Delivery

Our Asia, Australia and New Zealand charges are categorised into zone 1 to 4.  The delivery charges for other countries not listed below will be provided upon request.  A signature is required when collecting the parcel and a tracking number will be provided.  This delivery turnaround is between 5 to 10 working days Monday to Saturday. 

Zone 1 SGD 4.95 to SGD 10.95 per order - Malaysia, Brunei

Zone 2 SGD 5.95 to SGD 13.95 per order - Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines

Zone 3 SGD 7.95 to SGD 20.95 per order – China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India

Zone 4 SGD 10.95 to SGD 25.95 per order - Australia and New Zealand 


The Rest of the World Delivery 

 Delivery for the rest of the world will be provided upon request.  A signature is required when collecting the parcel and a tracking number will be provided.  The delivery turnaround varies by destination.