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Käthe Kruse


"The hand follows the heart. Only the hand can make what goes back through the hand to the heart". This has been the philosophy of the Käthe Kruse for over 100 years.

The brand Käthe Kruse stands for trust, quality and safety. the Kruse products are designed and made to last throughout childhood. To guarantee the safety of the products, the Kruse produces them in its own production sites where products are closely observe that all valid standards and regulations concerning toy safety, quality, environmental regulations and social standards are attended to. 

Respecting the company philosophy, the Kruse does not mass-produce; every product is produced individually and handcrafted.  Dolls and toys are designed according to the children's needs. 

The products are tested by independent organisations based on European and US standards regarding materials, production, construction and ingredients. 

Käthe Kruse

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