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Anne-Claire Petit

The world of Anne-Claire Petit is a happy world. With recognisable colour schemes and ‘feel good’ products, ranging from an extended animal family to baby toys, from deco objects to furniture and from cushions to wallets. In the turmoil of present times, Anne-Claire sees it as her personal goal to cherish traditional textile techniques by creating modern objects for contemporary homes.

Most of the detailed work of Anne-Claire Petit Accessories is hand-crocheted by women living in countryside villages of Northern China. In this part of the country, women have passed on their handwork traditions for many generations and crocheting is part of their cultural and craft heritage. Each item is unique as it is 100% handmade. The organic cotton is dyed according to the specific Anne-Claire Petit colour schemes to ensure the desired intensity. A 30 cm/12 inch long dachshund for example takes about 3 days of work.

Anne-Claire Petit

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